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From the two-time winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award: a deeply moving and evocative novel of fathers and sons. Danny Kachiah is a Native American fighting not to become a casualty. His father, Red Shirt, is dead; his wife, Loxie, has left him, and his career as a rodeo cowboy is flagging. But when Loxie dies in a car wreck, leaving him with his son, Jack, whom he hardly knows, Danny uses the magnificent stories of Red Shirt to guide him toward true fatherhood. Together, Danny and Jack begin to make a life from the dreams of yesterday and the ruins of today's northwestern reservations.

A highly acclaimed novel from a Pacific Northwest literary lion, this book is a tale of fathers and sons, of modern Native American life, of the salmon and the spirit world. The protagonist is a down-on-his-luck rodeo rider of native descent, who suddenly becomes sole provider for his son -- and finds himself and his heritage as a result.

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Winterkill by Craig Lesley
2005, St. Martin's Press
0-312-15244-2; Hardcover, $18.99